Lady’s Face damaged photo retouch

This is a photo that had some discolouration damage, creases and scratches. The finished image has had the discoloured areas removed, with a general overall repair, and enhance.   

What is a pixel?

What is a pixel? You’ve no doubt heard of the word pixel, and you may have some idea what a pixel is, but if you don’t, this post will go into detail to describe a pixel. The simplest way to describe a pixel, or ‘Picture Element‘, is to define it as the smallest physical element […]

Pixel Depth

adobe photoshop sunset palm

All pixels have what is known as a pixel depth, or bit depth, or colour depth. The pixel bit depth is the number of ‘bits’ of information required to store the colour information for that pixel. In this post we will use Adobe Photoshop as an example. When working with Abobe Photoshop, you generally work […]

Colouring of black and white photo of band gig

This is a recent digital photo retouching of a black and white photo from the 1960s of a band playing a gig. The brief of this job was to restore some minor damage, and then colour the photo to approximately how the colours were at the time. I was briefed on the approximate colouring of […]