Digital photo retouch of a creased photo

This photo below has been folded and creased and appears to be in a bad way! However, believe it or not, this photo is in fairly good condition.

When I looked at this photo, the first thing I noticed was that the girl’s face is intact, apart from the crease below the mouth, and the for the most part, there is no other real damage to the image apart from the creases themselves.

The creases were also running through areas that are mainly textures. Any features that are defined, such as eyes, nose, mouth and hands have escaped damage. As a result, this image was certainly repairable.

If you click the images below, you can see a larger version and can compare the before and after view.

If you have similar images like this, of a single subject against a general textured background, with the main distinguishing features intact (face and hands), and large areas of background intact, you’d be surprise to know that it can be repaired quite easily.

Creased photo before digital photo retouch     Creased photo after digital photo retouch

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