Colouring of black and white photo of band gig

This is a recent digital photo retouching of a black and white photo from the 1960s of a band playing a gig. The brief of this job was to restore some minor damage, and then colour the photo to approximately how the colours were at the time. I was briefed on the approximate colouring of […]

Crease photo digital photo retouch

Creased digital photo retouch feature image

Digital photo retouch of a creased photo This photo below has been folded and creased and appears to be in a bad way! However, believe it or not, this photo is in fairly good condition. When I looked at this photo, the first thing I noticed was that the girl’s face is intact, apart from […]

H Elliot posing for Gilbert Ledward Photo Retouch

Gilbert Ledward signed Aug 1946 (H-Elliot) digital photo restoration

The Combined Services Memorial at Westminster Abbey in London was designed by sculptor Gilbert Ledward. The models for the three figures were serving members of the forces. Corporal Howard Elliott modeled for The representative of the Parachute Regiment in this memorial, and I was lucky enough to have been given this following job by one […]

Major digital photo restoration of Air force group

Read more to see the finished result. This job is a major retouch job. As you can see, there has been very extensive damage to this photo. Damage through the centre now obscures some of the men in that area, and this damaged area is virtually lost and beyond repair. What had to happen was […]

Wedding Photo with creases digital photo restoration job

digital photo restoration wedding photo with creases after

Digital photo restoration work on wedding photo with creases: before and after This is an example of a photo that has remained intact overall, with just a free creases, some marks and a little fading. The photo had repairs done on the creases and marks, and then a digital enhancement to the colours to bring […]