Pricing a digital photo restoration job will require me looking at the image to assess the length of time it will take.

As a guide, there are some pricing examples here  for photograph restoration.

When I quote, I will quote to complete the job, however, for larger restoration jobs, I am happy to work with a budget for a partial restoration as well  – this may suit as sometimes a partial restoration can make a huge difference, so I am happy to discuss this. Once your photo is scanned, it is easy to go back to and finish later if a partial restoration option is chosen, so we can scan your image and spend less time initially so you can get a print and have it scanned and saved, and then the job could be completed at a later date for a full restoration if preferred.

You can upload an copy of your photo for a no obligation quote as well. To do this, I suggest using your photo camera to take a quick picture, and then you can either upload it via this form (you’ll need to save the photo to your computer, or email it directly to Alternatively, you could send the photo in an SMS message to me at 0432 027 134, and include your email address.

– Paul